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ilyxo's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Blood steals the summer scent..from me to you. [July 29th, 2009]
[ mood | blank ]

Just a poem I have started..any thoughts? I'm not finished yet.

It consumes my every thought
It haunts every part of mind
It's my guilty pleasure
and my greatest weakness
It numbs my pain
And eases my mind
It's my only motivation
Without it I'd go insane
I need it like I need air
but it destroys every part of me
It has no mercy
it has me on my knees
begging for more
It controls me now
I no longer have the strength
It's a fight I'll never win
and a battle that will never end


Anyways..so my Mom is being completly horrible to me.
She says since my Dad passed away she wants to be alone and is giving me a couple of days to find somewhere to live.
Ugh..I dunno what to do. I have no where to go.
I hate my life right now.
I'd jump off a cliff if I could..I suppose.

Friends. [July 29th, 2009]
[ mood | high ]

So I have decided to revamp my friends list and be more active on here.
Sorry if you get deleted..I noticed I don't really talk to too many people on my friends list anymore.


[July 6th, 2009]

New rating community. Looks-based. Very simple application. Join today!

I miss you Dad.. [July 6th, 2009]
[ mood | sad ]

My Dad

VAUGHN, CHIEF PETTY OFFICER (RETIRED) GRADY E. - age 57 of Seymour, TN passed away suddenly Saturday, February 21, 2009. He was born July 4, 1951 in Chapel Hill, TN. Chief Vaughn retired from the U.S. Navy in 1996, after serving over 21 years. He was a veteran of both Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Chief Vaughn was highly decorated receiving numerous medals and awards. After retirement, he managed 2 stores here, then went on to become a truck driver for Advanced Auto Parts, up to the present time. Grady was known as a very strong proud and private person. A man of few words but when he spoke, he always had something important to say. Grady was a loving and devoted family man. He was willing and did sacrifice everything and anything for his family. He is preceded in death by sister, Shirley Corkery of Ill; and father Grady L. Vaughn of TN. Grady is survived by his loving wife of 34 years, Dorothea (Dottie) Vaughn; 5 loving daughters: Christina L. Vaughn-Tate and very special son-in-law, Eric Tate of Seymour, Christal D Vaughn of Seymour, Tamra Vaughn-Wilson of Seymour, Angela Vaughn-Long of Seymour, Sheri L Vaughn-Lorraine and husband Bob of Maine; 4 grandchildren, Caden Reagan of Seymour, Kasey Long of Bean Station, Cody Gillis Jr. and Samantha Gillis of Maine; mother, Verda Vaughn of Seymour; father and mother-in-law, Francis Eunson and Dorothy Kimball of Maine; sisters, Bonnie Gzreiak and husband Tony of Michigan, Rose George and husband Carroll of Las Vegas, Nevada; sister-in-law, AlegraSourus and husband Jim; brother-in-law, Albert Eunson and wife Joann Rhode Island; several nieces and nephews. Visitation services will be Tuesday, February 24, 2009 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Wednesday, February 25, 2009 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Highland South Memorial Park Chapel. Funeral services with full military honors will be Thursday, February 26, 2009 at 2 p.m. at Highland South Memorial Park Chapel. Guestbook may be signed online at www.highlandmemorialparks.com. Highland South Memorial Park, Funerals and Cremations (573-7300) is providing arrangements.


R.I.P Dad.. [February 21st, 2009]
[ mood | sad ]

My daddy died this morning.
They found him in his truck that he had backed up to the dock to unload his stuff.
We're not sure what it was yet, but we think a heart attack.
He had so much longer..he was too young. I miss him so much already.
What hurts the most is that I havn't seen him in weeks..or touched him or hugged him.
I'd do anything to get him back. I wish God would have taken me instead..he was such a good man he didn't deserve to die. My Mom is going to lose it..I don't know how she is going to handle it. I hate this..at first I didn't cry and now I can't control my tears. I love you Dad..you were amazing.


All your twisted thoughts free flow.. [November 14th, 2007]
[ mood | confused ]

So I decided to post my playlist.
And yes I am in LOVE with Evans Blue and Flyleaf.
The playlistCollapse )

Noone knows what it's like.. [June 30th, 2007]
[ mood | infuriated ]

This is me.
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Two more under the cut.
More.Collapse )

New. [June 10th, 2007]
[ mood | bored ]

Well I decided to make a new journal.
Comment to be added.

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